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     Emergency Lighting

In the case of a fire or power failure, emergency lighting needs to be properly placed throughout the building.  Exit signs must be installed in key locations to enable people to easily see them. Make sure your exit signs and lighting are designed and installed to code with the help of Clark Fire's experts.

Exit Signs
For the most part exit signs have the same general design, but a few characteristics set them apart.  They can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall.  Another option is to have emergency lighting attached to the side of the exit signs or separate.  We also install all-weather exit signs for use outdoors or in food processing areas.  There are even some exit signs that are always on, require no power to operate, and they are still up to code!  Below are some examples of the exit signs we sell and install.

Emergency Lighting
We offer multiple options in emergency lighting.  You can go for the sleek new designs of emergency lighting or the popular industrial emergency lights.  Another option is an all-weather solution for food processing areas and corrosive environments.

Need Assistance?
Have questions?  You can contact the experts at Clark Fire for personalized service.  Click here to contact us.