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     Fire Extinguisher Inspection

There are three fire extinguisher service and maintenance cycles that need to be taken care of.  There is a yearly, a 6 year, and a 12 year maintenance cycle.  Below are the details of these cycles and what we do to make sure your fire extinguishers are up to NFPA10 specifications.

Annual Service (NFPA 10 Chapter 6)
- External visual inspection. (Rust, dents, gauge, etc.)
- Remove discharge nozzle and inspect.
- Examine handle for loose rivets, working operation, etc.
- Weigh extinguisher.
- Clean extinguisher.
- Check gauge for proper pressure.
- Keep extinguisher record. (Man. date, Location, and next hydro-test)
- Invert and loosen chemical agent.
- Proper signage in area.
- Access to extinguisher, no cabinets, etc. in front of extinguisher.
- Attach current service tag to unit.

6 Year Maintenance
(NFPA 10 Chapter 6.3.4)
- Annual Inspection
- Discharge fire extinguisher
- Inspect inside of cylinder
- Recharge cylinder with correct agent


12 Year Maintenance (NFPA 10 Chapter 7)
- Hydro testing (pressure check) cylinder
- 6 Year Inspection
- Annual Inspection



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