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Wet chemical fire suppression systems require semi annual inspections as described in NFPA 17, NFPA 96, and NFPA 101 Life Safety.

NFPA 7.3.1
A trained person who has undergone the instructions necessary to perform the maintenance and recharge service reliably and has the applicable manufacturer's listed installation and maintenance manual and service bulletins shall service the wet chemical fire-extinguishing system 6 months apart as outlined in 7.3.2."

NFPA 7.3.2
At least semiannually, maintenance shall be conducted in accordance with the manufacturer's listed installation and maintenance manual."

Maintenance shall include the following:
(1) A check to see that the hazard has not changed
(2) An examination of all detectors, the expellant gas container(s), the agent container(s), releasing devices, piping, hose assemblies, nozzles, signals, all auxiliary equipment, and the liquid level of all non-pressurized wet chemical containers."

Where semiannual maintenance of any wet chemical containers or system components reveals conditions such as, but not limited to, corrosion or pitting in excess of the manufacturer's limits; structural damage or fire damage; or repairs by soldering, welding, or brazing; the affected part(s) shall be replaced or hydrostatically tested in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer or the listing agency."


Clark Fire protection uses a 45 point service report.  This remains with the customer to show AHJ or Insurance agents when they require such documentation.  With our computerized service system we can contact you to schedule the inspection and set the time of day that least interferes with your kitchen schedule.






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