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     Fire Extinguisher Recharge Service

Fire extinguishers need to be recharged every 5,6 or 12 years depending on the extinguisher and code that goes with that type of extinguisher.  This code is dictated in NFPA 10 Chapter 6.33.  The following is a checklist that we perform to recharge a fire extinguisher:

  • Discharge the remaining chemical from the canister.
  • Clean all parts of the extinguisher thoroughly.
  • Refill the extinguisher with the correct chemical.
  • Examine the "O" rings for wear and tear, replace when needed.
  • Reassemble extinguisher.
  • Pressurize to correct pressure.
  • Check seal of extinguisher by submersing it in water.
  • Replace nozzle or hose if needed.
  • Seal valve.
  • Tag extinguisher.


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