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Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems
- System upgrades to conform to latest codes
- Inspection Services
- Hood and ductwork installation to conform
  to latest codes

- Inspection services
- System upgrades and replacements
- New system installations

   Commercial Vehicles
   Commercial Buildings
   Retirement Villages
   Rental Facilities
   Construction Sites

Dry Chemical Extinguishers
Wet Chemical Extinguishers
Safety Signs

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Wet Chemical Extinguishers

Class K
   What are class K
   extinguishers and
   why do I need them
   for my restaurant?


Playing with fire? (Article)


UL-300 Standard Details


Servicing Recommendations
New Product

Fire Guard
  Designed for fast
  and easy breakdown
  and proven to reduce
  fire extinguisher theft
  & vandalism.


Portable Stand (Product)


Fire Extinguisher Cabinets


Strike First USA

New & Changed Codes
City of Lancaster, PA Code:
New 2013 Kitchen Hood Exhaust Duct Code for City of Lancaster, PA
National Code:
Changes in Health Care Code

New Article
  The Impact of Testing Changes in NFPA
  10 What needs to be replaced and what
  does not.


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